Huen Sau - Wing Chun technique

Article by Dan Knight added on 30 Aug 2012. Last updated on 9 Oct 2012.

The Technique - Huen Sau

Huen Sau Huen Sau, sometimes called Huen Sao or circling hand features regularly in the Wing Chun forms. It is used to move safely to the inside or outside of an opponents guard particularity in Chi Sau.

In the Forms

First appearance in the system:

Sil Lim Tao - throughout.

Other appearances in the forms

Chum Kiu, Biu Gee and the Muk Yang Jong (wooden dummy form)

Applications of Huen Sau

To change position

Huen Sau is ideally used to change position whilst still controlling your attackers arm. For example if you have received a punch and covered on the inside (where you would be vulnerable to more attacks), you can use Huen Sau to move to the outside away from your attackers other arm without loosing contact with the original arm.

To remove a block

Huen Sau is also ideally used to remove an obstacle that is stopping you striking your target. For example if your opponent blocks your strike with their arm you can use Huen Sau to move their arm out of the way in order to strike deep into their defence. Kau Sau is used to whisk away your opponents arms using a combination of co-ordinated Huen Sau and hip turn with Yiu Ma (waist energy).

In Chi Sau

Huen Sau is used a lot in Chi Sau to control the attackers arms and change gates or remove blocks.

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