Historical Photos of Wing Chun Masters

Article by Dan Knight added on 30 Aug 2012. Last updated on 8 Oct 2012.

Ip Man Family Wing Chun Photos

A selection of photos of the Martial art Wing Chun Kung Fu taken over the years. Dedicated to Ip family Wing Chun.

Sub categories for Historical Photos

Wing Chun Through The Years

Wing Chun Through The Years, Sam Kwok and Ip Family photos of the Wing Chun grandmasters.

USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Sifu Samuel Kwok recognised as a grandmaster by the Worldwide Martial Arts Council

Chinese new year demo

Samuel Kwok was asked by the Chinese community in London to demonstrate traditional Wing Chun. Because Wing Chun Is a Chinese Martial Art Sam was asked to do a demonstration to celebrate the year if the tiger 2010

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