Welcome to the new Kwok Wing Chun newsletter which talks about Ip Man Wing Chun.
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Welcome to the new Kwok Wing Chun newsletter

It's all new! We have recently re-designed association site.The two big changes on the new site are, mobile optimisation and a brand new shop. This means more products and more articles on Wing Chun.
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The New Shop

The new shop on the site offers t-shirts and hoodies, along with sparring equiptment, wooden dummies and DVDs to help with training.
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Wing Chun Books

On the new site we have an ever expanding selection of Wing Chun book reviews for some of the top books from the Ip Man man Wing Chun line.
Ip Man

Ip Man Articles

A brife overview of the life of Wing chun master Ip Man including the video he filmed before he died. Read on...
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Find our classes

Find Wing Chun classes arround the world. The association has schools all over the world. Find your nearest class now.

Training Camp

Look at photos from the training camp last year. If that looks good why not sign up for the Portugal 2013 training camp.
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