Gaun Sau - Wing Chun technique

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The Technique - Gaun Sau

Gaun Sau Gaun Sau, also sometimes called Gann Sao roughly translates to splitting hand/arm and usually refers to a low block. When done in conjunction with a high block (inside Tan Sau) it is often still referred to as Guan Sau (splitting block).

In the Forms

First appearance in the system:

Sil Lim Tao - second section.

Other appearances in the forms

Muk Yang Jong - the Wing chun wooden dummy form and Biu Gee done high and low.

Applications of Gaun Sau

As a cover

Gaun Sau is ideally used as a block or cover in Wing Chun when attacks are coming low especially attacks to the ribs. This includes uppercuts and low hook punches. The Gaun Sau is one of the essential blocks of the system as it is one of the few techniques that is used to protect the ribs. The blocking area is the outside of the forearm below the wrist.

In Chi Sau

Gaun Sau can be used in Chi Sau to protect low as it would in a normal fighting/sparring situation. You can also drop into Gaun Sau from a high Bong Sau over your partners hands to control them as you use your other hand to control more or strike. This can also be used to lock and trap their arms.

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