Fook Sau - Wing Chun technique

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The Technique - Fook Sau

Fook Sau The Fook Sao is a Wing Chun technique that can be used as a deflection. It is more commonly used to control and opponents arms after gaining contact or bridging. in the neck.

In the Forms

First appearance in the system:

Sil Lim Tao - first section.

Other appearances in the forms

Muk Yang Jong - the Wing chun wooden dummy form.

Applications of Fook Sau

As a cover

Fook Sau is ideally used as a block or cover in Wing Chun when attacks are coming straight and lower than head height. The inside of the wrist is used to guide the punch past the body. The hand is folded over the top to control the attacking hand and stop it being pushed higher to hit the practitioners face. It is very important to keep the elbow in, just like at the start of Sil Lim Tao. If the elbow is as little as 2cm out of place punches can come through your centre to strike the practitioners body with ease. However with the elbow kept in the practitioner will have no problem deflecting strikes.

To Control

Fook Sau is ideally used as a way of controlling the attacking hand. For instance after performing a different cover like for instance a Pak Sau, the Wing Chun practitioner can change his hand position to Fook Sau to control the attackers hand and stop them hitting high. Furthermore once in the Fook Sau the Wing Chun practitioner should be able to use the sensitivity achieved in Chi Sau to control and know when to counter the opponent.

In Chi Sau

Fook Sau is one of the core positions essential to Chi Sau. Chi Sau starts with one of the practitioners arms in Fook Sau usually the left arm. Positioning of the Fook Sau is essential form maintaining good and safe hand positions so your partner can not hit you easily. after changing gates you may end up with both on none of the hands in Fook Sau after the start of Chi Sau.

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