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Article by Dan Knight added on 9 Jul 2012. Last updated on 8 Oct 2012.

Upcoming Sam Kwok Wing Chun Martial arts association events. Seminars and training holidays for the Martial arts association.

Sam Kwok Wing Chun Kung Fu Events

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Battersea Sam Kwok Seminar

London Batersea Sam Kwok Seminar. Learn authentic Ip Man Wing Chun kung fu. Improve your Wing Chun skills and techniques.

Penang Seminar Sept 2012

Penang Seminar Sept 2012. Taught by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok himself. Learn Wing Chun Kung Fu from a master.

Portugal training camp

Learn the martial art Wing Chun from Master Samuel Kwok in the Portugal training camp.

Battersea Samuel Kwok Seminar

This years London Wing Chun Seminar will be in Battersea.Master Samuel Kwok will be teaching at the club there.

Belgium Wing Chun Seminar

Do you want to improve your Wing Chun Kung Fu? Master Kwok will be teaching in Belgium in Feb 2013 passing on what he knows of the Ip Man Wing Chun system for 2 days.

Milton Keynes Wing Chun Seminar

Master Kwok, one of the leading wing chun kung fu Grandmasters in the world, is spreading and teaching the original Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu System in a Milton Keynes seminar.

Somerset Wing Chun Seminar

Somerset Ip Man Style Wing Chun seminar with grand master Samuel Kwok in May 2013

Turkey Seminar

Samuel Kwok will be teaching Ip Man style Wing Chun in Antlaya in Turkey in May. Don't miss this seminar.

Indonesia Wing Chun Seminar

Wing Chun Seminar in Medan, Indonesia taught by master Samuel Kwok. The focus is on Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Enter The Dragon Training Camp

The enter The Dragon style Wing Chun training camp will be held in the Isle of Wight this year in August.

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